A Scenary of Yazd

The city of Yazd is the chief town of the province of Yazd. The city, situauta to the west north of the country, more than 280.000 inhabitants it counts, dista 670 kms. from Tehran, it is found to 1215 ms. of height from the level of the sea and it is attainable in auto, in airplane and in train. This city is found in the central zone of the country and is to the border of the desert and the feet of the Shir Kuh mountain, that it for a long time acts from the reserve of the water for the city, that reaches her/it through the Qanats, ancient system of underground canalization of the water. Spring and autumn are the most pleasant periods to visit this city. Founded in the antecedent era to the Sassanidis, Yazd was called by them Yazdan Gerd, name this, derivante in ancient Iran from the sacred word of Izad. The archittetura of the houses of Yazd, is characterized by the Bad Ghir, towers of the wind, and from the Abs Anbar, underground cisterni to preserve water. In the city of Yazd a great community of the zoroastrianis lives, that celebrate their religious rites in their places of cult, the famous temples of the fire. The carpets, plotted in silk and candy they are among the products of Yazd.