Homa Hotels

Homa Hotel

The “Homa Hotel Group” affiliated with IranAir is a large chain of modern and well equipped hotels. Considering the geographical location of the hotels, one can say that they are located in the most important turistic and commercial cities of Iran.
The “Homa Hotel Group” owns one hotel in each of the cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas and two hotels in the holly city of Mashad. “Homa Hotel Group” has one hotel under construction in Tabriz and plans for a new one in Isfahan.
The various facilities offers at these hotels include both business and recreational services, aiming to satisfy the different needs of the guests.

Tehran Homa Hotel (5*)
Guest Rooms:
140 twin/double rooms
32 suites (including 4 royals.

Shiraz Homa Hotel (5*)
Guest Rooms:
144 twin/double rooms,
15 suites (including 1 royal.

Mashad Homa Hotel 1 (5*)
Guest Rooms:
89 twin/double rooms,
3 villas, 6 apartments,
20 suites (including 1 royal)

Mashad Homa Hotel 2 (5*)
Guest Rooms: 76 rooms,
38 apartments,
88 suites (including 16 royals.

Bandar Abbas Homa Hotel (4*)
Guest Rooms:
179 rooms, 9 suites

Reservetion Desk at:
Homa Tourism Center
Tel: +98 – 21 – 8796597
Fax: +98 – 21 – 8799302