Si-o-Se Pol, Isfahan

The city of Isfahan is the chief town of the province of Isfahan from more than 900 years.This city, to 1570 ms.of height from the level of the sea, it counts around 1.160.000 inhabitants, it is situated to the feet of the mountainous chain of Zagros and you/he/she is crossed by the river Zayandeh-Rud. The climate is moderated for almost all the year, but the city offers the best of itself in the spring and in the autumn. The origins of this city go up again to the antecedent era to the achemenidis that Aspadana or Sepahan named her/it. Isfahan, that is perhaps among the most ancient cities of the world, the passage of Abbasidi has lived, of Selgiuchidi and of Mongoli, but its period of maximum shine goes up again to the epoch of the Safavidis, it was in fact Shah Abbas that in 1589 it chose her/it as the capital of his/her own kingdom, inaugurating so the glorious era of this city. The beauty of Isfahan is such to be called by the Iranian ones as “half the world.” This city of art produces beautiful jobs of craftsmanship, among which the Khatams, small mosaics done to inlay, the Ghalams Kar, plotted in cotton printed to hand, ceramics and carpets. In the bazaar of Isfhhan it is possible to assist to the workmanship of these beautiful objects of art, forged in the skilled hands of the artisan teachers.