Private House, Kashan

The city of Kashan is among the greatest cities of the province of Isfahan. This city is found to 1600 ms. of height from the level of the sea, dista 240 kms. from Tehran and 220 kms. from Isfahan. Kashan, with his 400.000 inhabitants, are attainable in auto and in train. The city is almost bordering with the great desert Dasht-and Kavir, and particularly beautiful to visit in autumn and spring. Kashan, besides his pregiatissimis tapetti, is the country of the characteristics enameled tiles, you call Kashi, from which the city takes name. The great bazaar, that exposes tapetti, jobs in ceramics, embroideries you launch, and fabrics in silk, are imprgnato from the perfume of water of roses, that is produced in great quantity in the city thanks to his magnificent nibbled you. In the cities there are a lot of residences with the characteristics towers of the wind, Bad Ghir, a traditional system of areazione and ventilation of the warm and desert zones. The origins of Kashan, one of the more important archaeological sites in the center of the lran, is forgiven in 7000 years ago and the city saw its maximum shine during the periods Safavidi and Selgiuchidi.