Sky gift

Iran Air recently established a club for its frequent travelers, the Sky Gift, which is going to provide its regular fliers with special benefits including free excess baggage, free transport at destination airport, air fare discounts and using CIP lounge at the airport.
Club members will receive blue, silver and gold cards depending on the mileage traveled by the national carrier. Ever since the club was established in September 2004, some 12,000 people have joined in and 300 have received the Blue Card. New club members receive the Blue Card which is considered the first step to earn points.
Flying with Iran Air, members will earn more mileage and as a result points and cash discounts, which turns their blue card into silver and then gold ones.
The Silver Card necessitates an accumulation of 20,000 points. The Silver Card provides its holder with advantages which include an additional ten-kilogram baggage allowance, priority for flight reservation and baggage check in, and upgrading the flight class, CHN reported.
The Silver Card is upgraded to gold with an extra 25,000 points. The Gold Card holders enjoy further privileges including a guaranteed seat reservation, 50 percent bonus points on every mile of the flight, reward points, cash discounts, and an excess 20-kilogram baggage, and the use of the CIP lounge. They, moreover, can benefit from free transportation to and from the airport everywhere around the world and choose their on-board meal.

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