Shazdeh Garden, 19th cent., Kerman

The city of Kerman is the chief town of the province of Kerman. This city is found to 1860 ms. of height from the level of the sea, dista 1062 kms. from Tehran and it is attainable in auto, in train and in airplane. This Iranian city is near to the desert of Dasht-and Lut, but separated by it by a mountainous chain. Despite the neighbor desert, the altitude of the city, gives to her summers and mild winters. Besides the beautiful carpets, in the city a lot of dry fruit is produced, among which the famous Iranian pistachio. The name of Kernan probably derives from the tribe of Ghermanoi, and its foundation is attributed Sassanide to the founder of the dynasty, Ardesbir I. in the 3° century a.c. Kashan from the 7° century d.c. and governs from Arabs, Selgiuchidi, Mongoli Safavidi and he/she lived the great one among devastating of the founder of the dynasty Qajar, Aga Mohammadad Khan, instigated him for the help offered from the city to his harsh enemy, Lutf Wings Khan-and Zand.